• Sit ups and back pain

    A crunch/sit up has gone through a tough time with it being a scapegoat for a number of lower back problems, mostly disc related. The argument being that the repeated flexion movement of a crunch can lead to increased pressure on the discs in the lower back and increase the prevalence of injury. This coupled Continue reading »

  • The RAMP protocol for warm ups

    A warm up has many benefits such as physical and mental readiness for activity, reduce injury risk and improve performance. The RAMP protocol was a concept I came across while doing a strength and conditioning course earlier in the year. The acronym stands for raise, activate and mobilise and potentiate/performance. In the raise part of Continue reading »

  • A few tips for effective assesments

    An assessment is a pre-requisite to any osteopathic treatment. Here are a few tips to make them more effective. Make it specific and general The specific component will look at areas like the range of movement at a certain joint or joints, a particular test that stresses a certain structure and helps to narrow down Continue reading »

  • Why do you feel tight or stiff?

    This is such a commonly asked question and rightly so. Most people are aware of some sensation or feeling of tightness in their body and they’ll often seek to know and understand the reason why they are tight. Tightness can be due to a number of reasons, the first of which is muscular. Muscular tightness Continue reading »

  • Tendinopathy rehabilitation

    Tendons are very complex when it comes to rehabilitation and management. I wrote my masters dissertation on the subject and the amount of conflicting thoughts and opinions was obvious. One common theme though was the need to load the tendon. I found these key points while reading an extract from ‘Tendinopathy: physiotherapy and rehabilitation – Continue reading »

  • 4 ways to make your workouts more effective

    Effective workouts mobility in between sets This is a great time saver and an efficient way to make the most of the recovery times in between sets. Its a method I like to utilise as it reduces the amount of time I need to spend working on my mobility outside of training. There is no Continue reading »

  • Effective and ineffective warm up strategies

    Different warm up strategies have been adopted for a long time with some being more effective than others at getting the body prepared for physical activity. Remember, warm ups need to be specific and appropriate to the task ahead. To consider effectiveness we need to look at a number of factors. 1) what is the Continue reading »