• A few random thoughts on Mobility training

    I just quickly put this together as I was starting to think about the seminar i’m helping to host in the new year. This just summarises a few of the points that’ll be included as a little teaser! Mobility and Stability Every joint has a purpose, whether it’s to be mobile and allow for free Continue reading »

  • Shoulder Injuries

    Injuries to the shoulder are a common problem encountered in an Osteopath clinic. The can include a wide range of problems such as dislocations, fractures, joint injuries and rotator cuff injuries etc. Demands of modern life can have a significant impact on developing injuries to the shoulder, whether its from slouching forward at a desk Continue reading »

  • Stress Fractures | Osteopath in Liverpool | Liverpool Osteopaths

    Stress Fractures Stress fractures are all too common in the sporting world. In simple terms, they represent our skeleton failing to absorb the loads that are placed upon it. This causes structural fatigue, pain, impaired performance and can in some cases lead to a complete fracture. Stress fractures can lead to long periods away from Continue reading »

  • ACL injuries | Osteopath in Liverpool | Liverpool Osteopaths

    Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries. ACL injuries | Osteopath in Liverpool | Liverpool Osteopaths ACL injuries can be extremely debilitating and as such it’s important to have a good understanding of what they’re all about. Characteristically, the injuries don’t always involve a significant trauma. The mechanism is often threw a twisting injury such as landing Continue reading »

  • Common myths about back pain!

    Back Pain Myths | Osteopath in Liverpool | Back pain in Liverpool The Chartered society of physiotherapists have some really great information on their site. Most recently I have come across these common back pain myths and posted them on my facebook page. As an osteopath we see different people everyday and I always find myself Continue reading »