• The dead bug exercise

    The dead bug is a great exercise to improve control of the low back and pelvis as well as create stability between the upper body and lower body. I thought I would show the basic dead bug exercise along with a few progressions if you want to challenge yourself further. This is the basic dead Continue reading »

  • A joint by joint approach.

    The joint by joint approach is a concept founded by coaches named Grey Cook and Mike Boyle a number of years ago and since then has become a go to approach for rehab, strength training and exercise prescription. Its a great way to simplify an effective way to look after the primary needs of your Continue reading »

  • How can you improve your sleep?

    We all know the importance of a good nights sleep, especially when it comes sleep, here are a few more useful tips and advice from the last blog I wrote about the subject. get enough total sleep. A great way to do this is to keep a sleep diary for 2 weeks monitoring when you Continue reading »

  • Stress and sports performance.

    Stress is an underrated and often overlooked factor in the progression or regression of a persons ability to perform at their best, particularly in the sporting environment. I recently came across an article by ‘the running physio’ on the subject which prompted me to put out on my social media pages and compile to form Continue reading »

  • General guidelines for mobility training.

    General guidelines for mobility training. These are a few quick guidelines that will help you be more effective when you mobilise and ensure you are making the most use of your time. Test retest approach This approach is used as a diagnostic tool to measure any changes after a particular intervention has been used, for example Continue reading »

  • Phases of injury rehab!

    The literature describes 4 basic phases in terms of rehabilitation. These phases are of course influenced by the current injury status, whether there was some surgical involvement, and any restrictions that could be associated with the recovery process. Each phase has characteristics, goals, precautions and criteria for progression onto the next phase of rehab. Phase Continue reading »

  • Reasons to strength train!

    There are a whole host of reasons to strength train so I though I would summarise a few of them in a short blog post   Shattering limitations – Lifting heavy weights can be great for your self confidence and the confidence needed to attempt new challenges that you might not of had before strength Continue reading »

  • Adaptations to training

      You are able to define four main areas when it comes to how we adapt to our training sessions. Each of these areas has an important role in how our bodies develop to the stimulus of training. First up we have the undertraining stage. This is generally low intensity exercise or exercise thats not providing Continue reading »

  • Wolffs Law – how bones remodel!

    This is based on the fact that our skeletons are constantly changing and adapting to what stresses are being placed on them. They remodel and develop to cope with these stressors. This process is called wolfs law and states that our bones become thicker and stronger as we place forces upon them. Lifestyle examples include Continue reading »

  • 3 key areas for mobility for a bigger bench press.

    The bench press is arguably the most common lift seen in a gym. Whether you are a powerlifter, bodybuilder or general gym enthusiast, the chances are you will train the bench press and be keen to improve it. These three mobility drills are designed to help improve your ability to bench by ensuring that the Continue reading »