Reasons to strength train!

There are a whole host of reasons to strength train so I though I would summarise a few of them in a short blog post


Shattering limitations – Lifting heavy weights can be great for your self confidence and the confidence needed to attempt new challenges that you might not of had before strength training.

Stronger bones – resistance training reduces your risk of osteopenia, osteoporosis and fractures. By performing regular strength training sessions you are able to maintain your bone mineral density to keep your bones strong through your older years. Sessions should be done in the hypertrophy and strength ranges for maximum benefit.

Make daily tasks easier – anything from lifting shopping bags, children to household chores, regular strength training will build more muscle mass which can make these tasks easier and with less chance of injury.

Better sleep – regular strength training can improve the quality of sleep by around 5% with you also waking up less through the night and with the huge amount of benefits associated with sleep then its easy to see the importance of this.

Improved posture – effective well balanced strength training can make you stand taller with better posture and with improved body composition. This is due to improved range of movement and stronger muscles keeping your body upright.

Improved focus – brain health gets a boost with regular strength training by improving cognitive function and being able to plan and execute a variety of tasks.

Raised metabolism – one of the many benefits of strength training is the building of type 2 muscle fibres which has a greater effect on boosting your metabolism than aerobic training.

Preventing injury – The improved strength of muscles, tendons and ligaments can help prevent tears and sprains during everyday activities.

About the author

Reasons to strength train

Michael is an Osteopath, trainee strength and conditioning coach and competitive powerlifter.