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Here you will find a selection of drills, mobility exercises, stretches and much more that are designed to improve everything from your sports performance through to the tasks you perform on a day to day basis. As always, any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

This drill cues some basic control through the pelvic joints as well as an isometric contraction of the muscles associated with it. Lie on your back with knees at 90. Position one hand on the thigh and the other behind the knee and gentle push against your hands in opposite directions, then swap. Tricky at first but really effective once executed correctly. Hold for a few seconds then repeat 4 times each side

A great exercise you can do to improve control of the lower back and pelvis. Pop a resistance band around both feet, flatten your lower back and brace through your stomach muscles. Kick one leg out to create tension on the band. Maintain the position of the other leg causing the hip flexors to contract challenging both spinal and pelvic stability. Aim to work up to 12 each side for 3 or 4 sets.

Another exercise to drill pelvic control and lower back stability. Flatten your lower back so you’re not flaring up through your ribs. Extend the opposite arm and legs, slowly and controlled through their full range. Breath deep and slow. Then repeat on the other side. Do 2-3 sets of 5=8 repetitions each side.

Dead bug with resistance band

A simple progression with a light resistance band. Position the band on alternate upper and lower body limbs and lower each one in a controlled manor. Repeat on the other side.

Dead bug with resisted extension

Challenge your overhead extension with this variation. A great progression to do if you also have some mid back tightness or stiffness.

Dead bug with resisted rotation

An anti rotation progression that challenges your ability to maintain neutral while resisting a pulling movement to the side.

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Reverse lunge variation

 Try this reverse lunge variation. The tension from the band wants to pull the knee inwards meaning you really have to concentrate on contracting the gluteal muscles to enable efficient form and knee stability.