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During the first consultation at Liverpool Osteopaths and Sports Injury Clinic, your osteopath will compile a full case history of your symptoms, as well as asking for information about your lifestyle, diet and exercise habbits.

Your osteopath may also observe you making some simple movements to help him make his working hypothesis and what he believes is the cause of your symptoms. You will usually be asked to remove some clothing near the area of the body to be examined.

Osteopaths are trained to examine areas of the body using a highly-developed sense of touch, known as palpation, to determine conditions and identify the body’s points of weakness or excessive strain.

Osteopathy is a ‘package’ of care that includes skilled mobilising and manipulative techniques, reinforced by guidance on diet and exercise. The osteopath will discuss with you the most appropriate treatment plan, estimating the likely number of sessions needed to treat your condition effectively.

Further information

If your osteopath thinks that your condition is unlikely to respond to osteopathic treatment, you will be advised about how to seek further care. Osteopaths are skilled in diagnostic techniques and trained to identify when a patient needs to be referred to a GP.

Its not unusual to feel sore after a treatment with an Osteopath. This is due to the nature of the treatment including massage techniques, joint mobilisations, stretching and in some cases, specific manipulation techniques to the joints. This soreness can be likened to the feeling of post exercise soreness and usually lasts around 24-48 hours.

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